1.The Doctoral Degree Program Applicant must hold the Master of Divinity or Master of Theology degree or an equivalent degree, must have an academic record that demonstrates superior ability and shows promise of success in doctoral studies, and must have passed satisfactorily at least two years of Greek and one year of Hebrewin seminary. Languages proficiency exams in Greek and Hebreware also available to satisfy this program requirement.

2.The applicant must have had at least three years of full-time involvement in a significant professional Christian ministry after having received her/his seminary degree. She or he must give evidence of growth and competence in ministerial skills and leadership, and must be presently involved in an ongoing ministry.

3. The applicant must supply the required written admission materials and must have a personal interview with an interviewing committee. Written admission materials consist ofthefollowing:

(a)writtenrecommendationsfromaclergycolleague,adenominationalofficial,alay person in the congregation, or a former professor in the fieldofmajorstudies;

(b)apersonalstatementofapproximately10pages (typewritten)detailingministerialexperience, strengths,weaknesses,andthecandidatespersonalobjectivesforpursuing the Doctoral Degree.

The applicants may apply for admission at anytime.