i01Pastor’s Leadership

Cohen University provides leadership in the development of the confidence and ability to use personal evangelism and discipleship skills effectively. Leadership is also provided in formulating theological and ecclesiastical strategies for the church so that it can better serve our society and world.

i02Academic Leadership

Cohen University is committed to exhibiting the academic excellence demanded of an institution of higher education. This excellence is seen by all of the faculty and staff of Cohen University as an accountable response to God.

i03Third-World Leadership

Cohen University actively seeks students from across the globe to study on its campus. International students from Third-World countries are provided opportunities to share their unique prespectives, needs, and concerns.

i04Women’s Leadership

Cohen University welcomes women students who currently comprise over 50% of the student body. We recognize the valuable contribution women make to the Kingdom of God, and strive to encourage our women students to grow to their full potential and minister as the Lord directs them as an integral part of the University community.

i05Multi-Cultural Leadership

Cohen University is very fortunate to have students form wide diverse ethnic backgrounds. The University is committed to fostering greater awareness of the needs, concerns, and issues that affect all urban Americans.